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Model Summary

Motor Punisher is the latest Aerial Hexa Gear designed for light combat by Earthcline Biomechanics. The model’s design favors sustained flight distance and time, making it suitable for both security and surveillance missions.
The construction of the base frame is similar to Blockbuster and uses many of the same parts, but the upper part of the model has been entirely redesigned. One of Motor Punisher’s most unique features is the rotary blade levitation devices installed on the front and back of the model. This feature allows Motor Punisher to hover in the air and transition smoothly between vertical and lateral movement, and allows it to land, take off, and navigate cramped urban environments with ease.
Additionally, a seat for a second passenger was incorporated into the original design, allowing the model to carry a pilot and a second soldier for surveillance, firepower, communications purposes. This type of two-passenger battle Hexa Gear was in high demand on the front lines.
Alternative lightweight models with simplified Biting Scissors are often used for communication and cargo delivery missions. Machines that are damaged and lose their Biting Scissors in battle can be repaired, and the Grapple Blade can be replaced with the one from Blockbuster if necessary.

Motor Punisher’s manifestation of Zoatex is very different from Blockbuster. This is due to the time period in which Motor Punisher was developed, when there was a push to make the beastlike nature more prominent, and the machine itself was developed with a bias towards manifesting its attack instincts. Unlike the Zoatex Modes of Lord Impulse and Voltrex, Motor Punisher manifests the vicious and tenacious characteristics of an insect, and there have been instances of Motor Punishers continuing to hold on to a captured foe as their entire body is destroyed until the Biting Scissors lost power.
Another unique feature of Motor Punisher is that its Vehicle Mode and Zoatex Mode look almost the same. The Vehicle Mode is called Assault Mode, and the model can carry out strong attacks with Zoatex in this mode. In Assault Mode, Motor Punisher has an extremely high movement speed and its six blades are gathered front to create a forked claw to take down enemies.

The progress in research and feedback from the usage of the previous battle Hexa Gear is evident in Motor Punisher’s design, and the model’s overall form and the placement of the components have been refined. Each part is removable, and there are many examples of the parts from Motor Punisher being used with other machines.

Weapon Summary

Biting Scissors

The Biting Scissors are a large pair of crushing mandibles installed on the front of the model. The weapon uses a crushing mechanism that is used to break down buildings adapted for military use. With flexible joints in two places, the scissors can take hold of targets and destroy them with the weapon’s incredible crushing force. The scissors are installed on the front of the model along with the front levitation device and the control system in order to make it easy for the pilot to operate the weapon directly.
One of this weapon’s distinguishing features is its capability to deliver damage without using firepower, and it is often used for peace-keeping missions in cities and settlements for this reason. The insides of the scissors are equipped with blades, which are often used by military engineers to clear paths.
In battles against other Hexa Gear, the scissors can be used to crush the enemy Hexa Gear, causing them to drop their HEXA G-R.A.Ms and lose power.

Grapple Blade

These blades are attached to the end of Motor Punisher’s legs. The blades are typically used for landing and walking on land, but they can also be used in close combat. The sharp tips of the blades alone have a small degree of offensive power, and can be used to take down unarmored enemies on their own. Combined with Motor Punisher’s high speed, there are a variety of strategic uses for the blades in battle.
In Assault Mode, the blades are moved to the front of the model to capture enemies and destroy them with the Biting Scissors.

Automatic Grenade Launcher

The Automatic Grenade Launcher is installed inside the Biting Scissors. The number of grenades is limited, but the type can be changed out depending on the situation. The launcher is equipped with ammunition storage that allows the user to store multiple types of ammunition to create unique strategies, such as using a tear gas bomb followed by a stun bomb.

Air Floater

The air floaters are levitation devices equipped with rotary blades powered by HEXA G-R.A.M. The limitations of this flight system mean that Motor Punisher cannot fly as fast or high as Blockbuster, but on the other hand Motor Punisher can maintain flight for longer periods of time and the lower speed makes it easier for the pilot to make precise movements.