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Model Summary

Blockbuster is a battle Hexa Gear developed by Earthcline Biomechanics designed for operation as an aerial mobile cannon. Blockbuster is one of the first Hexa Gear models with Zoatex, but due to its specialized concept, it is still frequently used by the Liberty Alliance.
The model’s construction is based on the numerous heavy, multi-purpose Hexa Gear that were developed in the early days of Hexa Gear. At the time, Earthcline was using these heavy machines as experimental platforms to test the beastlike technology capabilities that would ultimately become Zoatex, but Zoatex itself was not completed until after the release of the KARMA AI.
Earthcline decided to create a battle Hexa Gear that could easily adapt to changes, and the unit was eventually outfitted with Blockbuster’s signature sniper cannon, air maneuver thrusters, and windproof armor. The model consists of a main block with universal leg frames, which was an extremely common build at the time the model was developed, and the newest models are fully operated by the KARMA AI system.

Blockbuster was developed in a time when it was necessary to create fast and powerful Hexa Gear capable of using Zoatex. Although the model was original an experimental unit, Blockbuster’s reliable construction, fire power, speed, and ability to be operated by one soldier made it highly valued on the front lines. In some cases, the model’s search radar and communication capabilities are used solely for patrols and supervision of the front lines. In these cases, the main cannon is removed and switched out for a modified lightweight version.

Due to the fact that the model was originally an experimental platform for Zoatex, the manifestation of the technology in Blockbuster remains at a base level. Although Blockbuster cannot reach the extreme level of mobility maintained by the later models, the model is extremely easy to pilot in comparison to the newer models. During development, the model did not include Vehicle Mode, and was intended to remain constantly in Zoatex Mode. It was later discovered that the legs fold upwards when the model is in flight, and this behavior is often treated as Vehicle Mode.

When utilized in battle, Blockbuster provides support in the form of mobility and firepower through its long distance weapons and flight capabilities. It is the Liberty Alliance’s longest-used machine, and is considered one of the most favored and trusted Hexa Gear by foot soldiers and captains alike.

Weapon Summary

Sniper Cannon

This electromagnetic cannon’s small size is made possible by HEXA G-R.A.M. The weapon’s discharge speed is higher than any existing firearm, and this speed gives the weapon a high accuracy rate which makes the weapon perfect for supporting high speed allies. The weapon’s long attack range also allows Blockbuster to execute direct attacks on enemies from outside their range of fire. The weapon can be used when the model is in flight, but when using the weapon for precise attacks at the longest range, the model must be grounded for stability.
The ammunition is housed in liquid form in special storage units on either side of the gun carriage. When the weapon is used, the ammunition forms at the bottom of the barrel and shot at high speed with an electromagnetic rail. Although this system provides the advantage of maximizing the ammunition storage, it also means that the weapon cannot use explosives or standard bullets. The only types of ammunition the weapon can use are armor piercing shells and scatter shot. There are some cases in which the weapon is switched out entirely for a standard cannon.

Assault Blades

These assault blades are installed on either side of the main cannon. The primary purpose of the blades is to protect the cannon and clear obstructions from the area when Blockbuster is landing to take a long-distance shot. These simplistic metal blades have sharp edges, and are quite strong considering the light weight of Blockbuster itself. However, due to the fact that Blockbuster is not an especially agile Hexa Gear model, the blades are rarely used in battle.

Air Maneuver Thrusters

The Air Maneuver Thrusters are propulsion units that are powered by HEXA G-R.A.M. These innovative devices use electromagnetic fields and the motion of electrically charged compressed air. Unlike traditional heat engines, the thrusters use the same kind of technology seen in the plasma weapons seen on Hexa Gear like Voltrex. When the thrusters are operating, the interiors are filled with electrically charged air which is discharged as light which can be seen coming out of the intakes and provides the model with jet flow.

Windproof Armor

The windproofing on the front of the model is made of a clear material and designed for protection against bullets and attacks. The windproofing on the back resembles heavy armor. The interior has racks for storing firearms, while the exterior has extra connection points for expanding the model with teardrop shaped covers. The connection points can be equipped with missiles, machine guns, searchlights, or aiming mechanisms depending on the needs of the mission.