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Governor Armor Type: Pawn A1 GOVERNOR ARMOR TYPE: PAWN A1

Model Summary

The official name of this Armor Type is “PAWN Advanced 1.” Armor Types are mechanically reinforced armor used by soldiers known as “Governors.” The armor consists of a closed suit designed for survival in extreme environments covered with heavy armor and artificial muscle tissue. Like the previous generation of Armor Types, PAWN A1 has built in life-sustaining facilities that allow the user to survive for extended periods of time in polluted areas such Crystal Reactors. The predecessor to Pawn A1 was named PAWN, with the A1 added after several improvements were made to the armor.

Armor Type PAWN was originally high-level armor for foot soldiers, but its strength enhancement features and self-sufficiency made it suitable for Governors, and A1 was developed in order to link the armor with the KARMA AI system.
The Armor Type’s main difference with traditional armor is the connector on the back that allows the armor to use a HEXA G-R.A.M to generate and store energy. The artificial muscle fibers on the interior of the Armor Type are woven with HEXA G-R.A.M, vastly improving the user’s mobility. The armor’s combat helmet is equipped with a camera eye, and the footage is displayed on an internal virtual interface. The interface is equipped with communication functions that allow the user to communicate with allies and the KARMA AI systems of other Hexa Gear.
Armor Types are typically controlled by an independent interface, and can link with prosthetic limbs and cybernetic enhancements to provide a high level of mobility. In squadrons where a KARMA AI system is already in operation, the Armor Type can be easily integrated with the KARMA system in order to maintain an even higher level of data management.
Pawn A1 is currently mass-produced and distributed by the Liberty Alliance, but the model is not available to the general population, making it difficult for individuals who are not members of the alliance to obtain.

Developed under the concept of “man and machine as one,” Pawn A1’s durability is designed to allow the user to fight alongside a Hexa Gear with Zoatex Mode. As the Hexa Gears’ conversion modes are continuously improved in order to accommodate the growing intensity of the war, the form of the Governor must also change. However the Governors themselves could not keep up with the rapidly improving machines, and the modern Hexa Gear models, which favor agility over strength, require a Governor that is not just a pilot, but a soldier that can fight by its side.

Pawn A1’s default weapons are the Hyper Vibration Sword and the Assault Rifle.

Weapon Summary

HVS-GZ2/Hyper Vibration Sword

The Hyper Vibration Sword is a close range weapon that was designed for fighting against Hexa Gear. The blade of the sword emits high frequency waves that cause vibrations, giving the weapon its name. The sword can also be attached to the tip of the rifle for use as a bayonet.
The sword’s serrated blade is ideal for cutting through the thin armor and frames of lightweight Hexa Gear. The center of the GZ2’s blade has an ejection mechanism that allows the weapon to be used as a Pile Bunker in battle.

AR-17-6 Assault Rifle

This automatic rifle was designed for foot soldiers and can switch between rapid and single fire. The gun can be loaded with multiple types of ammunition for use against humans or Hexa Gear. The base specifications do not include a stock, as it was designed for use with the Armor Type’s enhanced strength. The recoil is especially strong when using the heavy bullets designed for Hexa Gear, making the weapon unsuitable for soldiers in traditional armor.