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Governor Armor Type: Pawn A1


First Released
Aug, 2017
Approx. 74 mm
1,760yen (Including tax)
Number of Parts
Non-phthalate PVC, ABS, POM
Yuta Itoyama


Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.


Armor Type: Pawn A1 is fortified armor used by Liberty Alliance soldiers to fight against the military industrial complex MSG and the AI SANAT. The majority of Governors wear this armor when operating Hexa Gear. The armor’s back unit is equipped with a regenerative energy pack charged by a HEXA G-R.A.M, which acts as a semi-permanent power source for the operation of the armor. The armor’s base weapons are an oscillating sword with serrated edges and a rifle.

Model Specifications

  • Despite its small stature of 74 mm, this Governor boasts 24 points of articulation.
  • The model is made of a variety of materials, including ABS, POM, and PVC, and the abdomen is made of flexible PVC to give the model a wider range of movement.
  • The sword blade can be attached to the rifle to use as a bayonet.
  • The connection points on the shoulders are 3 mm in diameter, making them compatible with parts from other Hexa Gear, Frame Arms, and M.S.G kits.
  • The back unit has a standardized connector for the HEXA G-R.A.M system, allowing you to customize the unit with a variety of parts.
  • Some details on the head and torso are pre-painted to give the model a finished look.

Included Items

  • Sword (x1)
  • Rifle (x1)
  • Left and right hand parts (closed, open, weapon holding)
  • PVC HEXA G-R.A.M (x1)
  • Archive Card (x1)

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