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Governor Light Armor Type: Rose GOVERNOR LIGHT ARMOR TYPE: ROSE

Model Summary

The standard Armor Type: Pawn A1 was designed for survival in extreme environments, but it was soon realized that many of the high-level survival capabilities were not necessary for every mission. Therefore, a new simplified Armor Type with a combat-oriented design was developed. One of the newest Armor Types used by the Liberty Alliance, Armor Type: Rose was designed to excel at martial combat and espionage.

The armor was designed for female soldiers, and is much lighter and easy to handle in comparison to Pawn A1. Like Pawn A1, the armor has a connector on the back for a HEXA G-R.A.M, and the interior artificial muscle fibers are woven with HEXA G-R.A.M in order to largely enhance the user’s movement. Despite being made of lighter material, Rose’s athletic performance is comparable to Pawn A1’s, and Rose’s compact design makes it easier for the user to move their limbs, making the armor superior in close combat compared to Pawn A1.
Armor Type: Rose was widely used in ruins and other unstable areas. Since the armor is not airtight, it is not suitable for usage in polluted regions. (A combat helmet for use in polluted areas and aerial combat is currently in development.)

Like the other Armor Types, Rose is controlled by an independent interface, and can link with prosthetic limbs and cybernetic enhancements to provide a high level of mobility. In squadrons where a KARMA AI system is already in operation, the Armor Type can be easily integrated with the KARMA system in order to maintain an even higher level of data management.

Even with all of its firearms and equipment, Rose’s overall weight is light, making it compatible with small-scale aerial Hexa Gear. Armor Type: Rose and aerial Hexa Gear are often used in individual teams or small groups to carry out aerial invasion or sabotage missions.

Armor Type: Rose is equipped with a lightweight blade and a gun knife, and the small deception repeater on the armor’s head can be used to interrupt the radar detectors of enemy Hexa Gear and Para-Pawns.

Weapon Summary

Deception Repeater

This device can hinder the operation of enemy’s search radars and weapons operation systems. The device can only be used to hide the user’s position, and does not possess the capabilities to protect allies as well as the user.

Lightweight Blade

This standard short-range weapon is designed for use against Governors rather than Hexa Gear, as its light weight makes it useful for targeting openings in the Governor’s armor.

Gun Knife

This is a small handgun designed for close quarters combat. The lower part of the gun is equipped with a knife, and the weapon’s robust design was created to withstand the impact of the blows delivered in close combat. The handgun itself is one of the standard weapons for the Liberty Alliance, but it is unusual to see it pair with a model that specializes in close combat.