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Model Summary

Para-Pawn is a non-human soldier that was designed to resemble Armor Type: Pawn. Taking its name from the prefix “para,” which denotes resemblance, Para-Pawns are a mechanical vessel for humans whose consciousness and memories were converted into data by SANAT. By recreating the human body entirely with machinery, the creation of the Para-Pawn has made the physical constraints of the human body meaningless in all circumstances. Artificial muscle tissue gives the model strength and mobility that surpass that of a normal human, and the semi-permanent energy flow provided by the HEXA G-R.A.M allows the artificial muscles to be used continuously. The accumulated memories of countless gruesome battles are constantly downloaded and backed up to Para-Pawn’s system, giving the non-human Governor a warped perception of the concept of death.
The AI SANAT foresaw a future in which humanity ceased to exist, and created Project Re-Genesis in an attempt to plant the seeds that would save humanity. Under the control of SANAT, the military industrial complex MSG created the massive servers known as Generator Shafts in order to save the consciousness and memories of every human being. Using the HEXA G-R.A.M as a renewable energy source, the Generator Shafts are the tallest standing structures in the world.
By recording the history, culture, and memories of humanity, a path to the future will be created for this planet. As long as there is the HEXA G-R.A.M, humanity will live on. This is the Para-Pawn and SANAT’s altered view of life as they fight against the Liberty Alliance day and night, sacrificing themselves to prove their existence and preparing for the day that they will be reborn.

Armor Type: Sentinel

There are several soldiers in the Valiant Force that are still human, and MSG creates and distributes large quantities of Armor Types for these soldiers. Armor Type: Sentinel is almost the same as Pawn A1, and the outer armor and some of the artificial muscle tissue is interchangeable with the parts from Para-Pawn. In terms of sheer numbers, there are more Sentinels than Para-Pawns, and they are an important force in carrying out SANAT’s vision. Sentinels fight alongside Para-Pawns in mixed squadrons, collaborating with the AIs to create strategies. Like the Liberty Alliance Governors, Sentinels can operate Hexa Gear and utilize Zoatex Mode. These Governors understand SANAT’s mission, or otherwise have their own personal reasons for joining the Valiant Force. Like Para-Pawns, Sentinels are uploaded to the Generator Shaft, and they firmly believe in its perpetuity and rebirth.
As their bodies are destroyed in battle and gradually repaired and replaced with machinery, these soldiers harmoniously become one with the Armor Type.

Weapon Summary

HCT-3 Hand Axe

This battle axe has a simple construction, with a heavy linear blade on the end of a short handle. Outside of battle, the axe can also be used for practical purposes, such as breaking down barriers.

SLD-3 Shield

This small-scale shield can be used in close combat to block and parry enemy blows. The blows delivered from the shield are not very effective against heavily armored Governors, making it useful for peace-keeping squadrons.

SG-06 Shotgun

This multi-purpose gun has a wide-diameter barrel that can be loaded with buckshot, slugs, smoke bombs, and rubber stunning bullets. This weapon is mainly intended for short-range use, and is used more often by forces in cities than those on the battlefield.