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Governor Para-Pawn Sentinel


First Released
Aug, 2017
Approx. 74 mm
1,760yen (Including tax)
Number of Parts
Non-phthalate PVC, ABS, POM
Yuta Itoyama


Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.


This non-human soldier was developed by the military industrial complex MSG, which operates under the control of the AI SANAT. Out of all the military units possessed by SANAT, Para-Pawn Sentinel is the smallest weapon unit. The unit’s exterior appearance is almost identical to Armor Type: Pawn A1, but the unit’s internal composition is made entirely of machinery to replace human soldiers, distinguishing it from the Armor Type. Para-Pawn’s back unit is equipped with a regenerative energy pack charged by a HEXA G-R.A.M, which acts as a semi-permanent power source for the operation of the unit. The unit is proficient with a variety of different weapons.

Model Specifications

  • Despite its small stature of 74 mm, this Governor boasts 24 points of articulation.
  • The model is made of a variety of materials, including ABS, POM, and PVC, and the abdomen is made of flexible PVC to give the model a wider range of movement.
  • The included Hand Axe can be mounted on the model’s back or converted into a cannon.
  • The shield has a 3 mm connection point that allows it to be attached to various parts of the model.
  • The connection points on the shoulders are 3 mm in diameter, making them compatible with parts from other Hexa Gear, Frame Arms, and M.S.G kits.
  • The head, arms, and thigh joints for Hexa Gear Governors are all standardized, allowing you to change out parts from other kits to create your own custom Governor.
  • The back unit has a standardized connector for the HEXA G-R.A.M system, allowing you to customize the unit with a variety of parts.
  • Some details on the head and torso are pre-painted to give the model a finished look.

Included Items

  • Hand Axe (x1)
  • Shield (x1)
  • Shotgun (x1)

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